Member-to-member discounts are a great way to attract more customers, as well as getting the most out of your membership.  If you are interested in providing member-to-member discounts through your business, please feel free to let us know.  Meanwhile, we invite our members to take advantage of these active member-to-member offers:

The Chamber Goes Above and Beyond

Group Insurance

Affordable group rates are available to provide employees of smaller companies with personal life and medical coverage, through the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

First Data

As a member, you will enjoy many other benefits, including the opportunity to receive special discounts on Visa (1.55%), MasterCard (1.6%) and Direct Payment Merchant Accounts ($0.05/transaction).  Please contact us for


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and UPS have teamed up to offer its members an exclusive benefit program for that guarantee to lower your shipping costs.   Simply call 1-800-636-2377.


As a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, you now have exclusive access to Purolator shipping services, enjoy preferential pricing through a volume discount program. Purolator offers your members discounts starting at 25% on Purolator Express® and Purolator Ground® suite of services.

Esso Business Card Program

$0.035/ litre fuel discount off the retail posted pump price; please visit to find out more about the program.

Commissioner of Oaths

Our General Manager is a Commissioner of Oaths for notarization and certification on a fee-for-service basis.  We also  facilitate on-line International Certificates of Origin for overseas trade.