Simcoe is located outside the principal snow belt areas of Southern Ontario and in close proximity to the moderating effects of Lake Erie, keeping it comparably warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months than surrounding lands. This comfortable climate supports native plants usually found in more southerly areas such as Georgia and the Carolinas. Examples of such plants located in this area are the Sycamore, Cucumber Tree, and the Tulip Tree.

Since Simcoe is not surrounded by large urbanized areas, climatic elements caused by urbanization are not evident. Compared to urbanized areas, Simcoe generally experiences 5% - 10% less precipitation and 5 – 25 times less gaseous air pollutants, while sunshine duration is between 5% - 15% more. All these factors make living and working in Simcoe a healthy and enjoyable experience.



January Average

July Average

Average annual rainfall

  Simcoe 24F -4C 70F 21c 31in. 79cm
  London, UK 39F 4C 63F 17C 23in. 58cm
  New York 30F -1C 59F 15C 41in. 104cm
  Paris, France 37F 3C 64F 17C 24in. 61cm
  Seattle 39F 4C 59F 15C 30in. 76cm
  Toronto 25F -4C 72F 22C 31in. 79cm
  Vancouver 39F 4C 59F 15C 42in. 107cm